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Yes earn from this opportunity by just signing up as a FREE member!


*No Monthly fee 

*No Set-up fee Free Training 

*No referring 

*Very Little of your time needed 

*Global Opportunity 

*FB Groups  

You can upgrade but that is entirely up to you, but if you do you can earn more from 11 further income streams!


E-Commerce is a trillion dollar industry and it’s time to grab your
slice of the profits.
Earn from the 138 Matrix without doing anything, No Referring, No Work, A No Brainer!
Would you like your own free e-commerce store loaded with over 2 million products?
Would you like to get paid to shop online?
Would you like to get paid when others shop online?
Imagine if every time you shopped at ebay or Amazon they paid you?
Every time your family or friends shopped you and they get paid to do so?

Introducing TPS
With TPS you get the same products but at better prices!
So you shop, save and get paid for it?
That’s exactly what we are doing here at TPS, people are just shopping and getting paid to do it whilst saving money as well.

Share in 85% of the entire global profits.

You will acquire a team through daily spill over that you can make a daily income from
WITH 4 of 10 income streams available to free members.




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5 newbie mistakes you didn’t know you’re making

Brace yourself, here we go…

#1. Thinking ideas are what you need

#2. Trying to create your own product

#3. Too easily distracted

#4. Scouring Facebook and forums
for information

#5. Equating learning with earning

#6. Substituting knowledge for action

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6 Free And 3 Paid Web Traffic Sources

In the last 6 years, I have done countless research and evaluation on the best way to develop an online business, that may be effective.

I failed countless times, but I discovered a great deal and I’m going to share part of my experience with you here. The data shall help you save your time and cash.

When setting up an online business; that is, an online site marketing your product or service, there are main elements which have to exist and become calculated to attain the specific result.

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Your Why

If you are in Network Marketing, Home-Based Business, or MLM you NEED to know your why!

your why
“How come?”, you ask. Well, it’s a fact that 90% of new businesses (meaning YOU and the company you decide to join) fail in the first year. So what sets you apart from that 90%?

Answer: Your Why!!!

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Build A WordPress Website


These days every single business and organization needs a website for their effective functioning. Even individuals have their very own websites. Therefore, you should know how to build a WordPress website or any website for that matter. wordpress

You may ask -’Why WordPress’? There’s a simple reason behind this choice ease of use! WordPress has grown in popularity the world over because it is really easy to create and manage websites. A lot of people use it as the basis for their blog but you can easily adapt it to create a nice and functional website. You can easily add new posts and pages in addition to pictures, videos and much more on your WordPress website.

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